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Hello new vintage! 
I saw this sweet rockabilly dress on Facebook (yes, I'm on Facebook now) and knew that a certain teenager in my house would love it for the Christmas season. We added a crinoline and now we're working out the funding (checking under couch cushions for change, door to door begging, etc)...

Pro-Life Music.
The Strange Familiar is a band that I first became familiar with through local pro-life work. They played for a pro-life youth leadership retreat day and were just the sweetest couple. They also recently played for our diocesan festival. This song (and video) has the distinction of being clean and classy and also having gained the attention of the secular music world. It initially appears as if it's going to scandalize... but hang in there, it's pretty great. (Interesting note: all of the outfits in the video have been worn by Kira in performances prior to her change of heart)

This is for those of you who were eager to know how Cookie and I made our fairy dolls. This is the closest tutorial I could find. Although we do a few things differently, the overall look is the same. This tutorial uses a single thickness of pipe cleaner and we use double for durability (they break after repeated bending by littles). We also glue the head instead of pulling the pipe cleaner through since we use a double thickness. Bendy Dolls Tutorial.

Fall Party.
Autumn is quickly approaching and the perfect time for a party, no? (You know you want a good excuse to try out that new pumpkin recipe you found on Pinterest.) A couple years ago, we threw a birthday bash for Jellybean with a Fall-ish theme. A Miss Suzy party. Even if you've never heard of Miss Suzy, I think many of the ideas would be perfect for an Autumn gathering. And if the terrible rumor is true (that you haven't heard of Miss Suzy), then I'm pleased to introduce you to one of the sweetest picture books EVER.

Also check out my Miss Suzy Pinterest board for some very sweet Fall party ideas. My favorite cookies ...

Anyone have Fall birthdays? I pulled together a last minute cake a couple years ago using a box mix, regular cake pans, and store bought icing. Add some food coloring and little creative embellishment and everyone will think you slaved over it. (Note the finger smoosh in the middle of the number one... I did not do that.)

Knight in Acrylic Armor.
If anyone knows how to make this and is willing to do so for a fraction of the price of this one ($50), please let me know. This has Christmas present written all over it and I think Cub would want to live in it.

Paper in it's place.
I did this. For 15 years I have been piling construction paper onto shelves and into drawers only to watch it devolve into a rainbow of chaos. Now, I have done this and I am happy. The box is sitting in the middle of kitchen reconstruction disaster and I just blur everything else out... and feel successful and content.


I'm workin' on it.

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