First Day...

First day of homeschooling for 2013. Or... first official day since I'm not entirely sure when we stop or start learning or if we do at all. It's our day of refocusing and renewing and introducing new material. If that is the First Day, then there you have it.

I only have one picture to share. We are a little scattered and not completely photo ready. Someone is in her pajamas (not me) and another needs a good hair brushing and another ran off to the garage to do some building with a new box of scrap wood. 

We're starting slowly and imperfectly. If we waited to start officially learning until mama had her stuff together, we'd never begin, eh? So we've begun in spite of some things and it seems to be going just fine. It's a new baby year. And I think sometimes new babies have a lot to teach us about what this should all be about and how to handle our limited time...

Slowly. Intentionally. Selectively. Reverently. 

We're introducing Connecting With History this year and I would like to kiss the people who put it together. It is lovely and fits nicely with the way we homeschool.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of our homeschool. Please continue to bless our adventures and keep us focused on the ultimate goal... YOU. 

Posted on September 9, 2013 and filed under "home education", "homeschooling".