5 Things That Make My Homeschool Happy

RC History. This is a great program. I am thrilled with it so far. We have made it the core of our learning day. The kids are excited as well and I am not surprised because learning IS exciting.

One of the nicest aspects of the program is that all ages and grades can work through the same book at the same time. Beautiful!! Even the littlest littles hung out in the room while we went through the introduction. I thought they were just bored and busy with their coloring but later, Jellybean proved me wrong. About 3 hours after our lesson, Jellybean started telling me about the design on the front of the Connecting With History cover...

That's the Old Convent... that's the New Convent... that's Heaven... and that's earth. And right in the middle is Jesus.

I then taught her the word covenant and she left the room repeating "covenant, covenant, covenant..." 

Button was so impressed by the ideas presented that she told me she wished we were Jewish. I told her that their history is our history... we are a spiritual family... and she went away happy.

Second Day of School Ambush. The young Professor and I set up a water balloon ambush for the other kids. We'll just call it a "team building" exercise or an "ice breaker" focused on the very educational study of the affect of water and latex on sibling emotions.

A highly recommended activity. Do set up your own ambush before the season runs cold, eh?

Religion. If there's one pet peeve of mine it's religion textbooks. I know it makes no sense since I'm supposed to be determined and glad to teach the children their catechism. I don't know... something about textbook just reeks of SUBJECT. And the faith is not a subject, it is LIFE. So our school religion textbooks are generally replaced with stuff like this...

Hello Happy!

Salvation History fits so well with our history studies and Life in the Spirit is for Cookie who is preparing for her Confirmation.

N.B. We do have traditional textbooks but they are primarily used as reference books or for optional pleasure reading. 

Happy Disruption. Hey homeschoolers, have you ever noticed that life always seems to get in the way of school? Babies, sickness, moving, etc. This year is no exception but I am not going to complain at all... because I have a gorgeous baby and I will finally have a kitchen that the entire family can eat in... and then some. We have a big-enough table ready to go in and Cookie is through the roof happy about a bigger space to cook in. It's been lovely looking at dry wall and nasty flooring for years... but it's time to move on. The big reveal comes in November but here is a sneak peak. My deepest gratitude goes to the man who is donating his time and knowledge so that we can afford to move on with this.

Our handyman angel is starting to move electrical, plumbing, and our original cabinetry to the next room. We have a wall to knock down and appliances to move... and then we'll celebrate. 

This Homily. Who is this priest and when can he come to my diocese? I have never heard a priest preach to homeschoolers like this. He wasn't homeschooled but clearly knows our strengths and weaknesses. It's about 40 minutes or so and I almost didn't listen. Take the time to listen to it. You need it. I need it. Perhaps I'll just keep it on repeat in my living room. 

By the way...

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