Planning for 7 Weddings: Quick Takes

Because using the imagination is far easier than using the intellect, I have been imagining what the weddings of my children will look like if they get married....


Over the last few months, it has become increasingly clear to me that Professor should not get married. He is far too uptight about details and would drive his bride nuts. She would have to agree with him in every way or he would give her no peace at all. Things can change but for now it's a good thing he's only 15... perhaps it's just characteristic of the age. A few spoken preferences in the last few weeks...

"We won't have a bridal party. Bridal parties are silly."
"No wedding registry." Why? "I'm just not having one."
"The wedding Mass will be in the Tridentine Rite." What if your bride doesn't agree with that? "She will."
"No honeymoon. It's a waste of money."

 My response to all of this? Don't get married, son.
Just kidding.
He has very good spiritual, liturgical, practical, and historical reasons for all of it and I honor that.
If he does marry, he will make a marvelous husband and his wife will become a saint. ;)


This got me thinking about the possible weddings of my other children...


If Cookie gets married, she is going to enjoy the preparation immensely and she will ignore all suggestions from others (particularly her older brother) and just do what she wants. This may or may not include darling shoes with 4" heels that she wants to buy now but isn't allowed to.

I predict much loveliness and a fair amount of handmade. If Pinterest still exists, her boards will be busy and absolutely gorgeous.
Her husband will be showered with attention and have the loveliest bride EVER.

(There may or may not be moments of drama during the preparation and/or wedding day... just sayin'.)



His wife will have to be a special kind of special who doesn't mind having her lamps broken weekly. He will happily leave almost all of the wedding prep to his bride except for his tuxedo and the liturgical details. He doesn't mind being coated in mud... he also likes to be dapper and he will be if he marries. 

He will certainly want his big brother either officiating or right by his side and he will wear a smile that will not fade. 

If his bride is wise, she won't try to rope him into any preparation that involves fragile items or contentious in-laws. 



There will be horses somewhere. Or at least a dog. And the reception will probably be in a big jazzed up gorgeous barn. She'll have to call me to brush her hair before the ceremony though because she really does have trouble with those knots. She'll look like Cinderella and love every minute but will eventually change out her heels for sneakers.

Her blue eyes will sparkle and she'll laugh and laugh and laugh and then she'll cry pretty tears when her brothers offer the toast.



Diva wedding. Everything will sparkle and she'll sing. 


Little Cub

He will shower his bride with the most loving attention and care throughout the entire day. Little sweet surprises popping up everywhere. If she's sad, he'll just look at her with his beautiful blue eyes and all will be well. It will have to be an early afternoon wedding though because he does need his nap. 



Straight to the convent. Sorry boys.

Note: I had the approval of all of the children before publishing. :)

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