The Great Purge. (Goodbye Buzz Lightyear.)

The Great Purge is underway. I've shipped out 9 garbage bags and several boxes of stuff this week alone and I'm hungry for more. For those of you who are scandalized at that thought of any family having 9 bags of anything a week to give away, I can only tell you that 17 years and 7 kids causes a multiplication of stuff like nobody's business.

I'm pulling apart closets and digging into drawers and shelves. Have you ever seen Toy Story 3? You know how they get all weepy and sentimental about toys? As if a toy should grip our hearts to such an extent that a plot can be formed around it. I can't stand that movie. If I find Buzz and Woody around here this week... they're goners. I'm cold hearted. Stone cold.

What's in those 9 bags? Clothes in every size from Newborn to Maternity. In the boxes? Everything else. Gone! Gone! Gone!

I'm recommitting to bringing out only the beautiful and useful. Thank you, William Morris, for the inspiration.

"I have never been in any rich man's house which would not have looked better for having a bonfire made... of nine-tenths of all that it held." ~ William Morris

Of course, we are not rich but we live in America, where many of our poor have cable TV and never have to tighten their belts. It's all relative. And in middle class America, we don't tend to stock up on the fineries of Morris's victorian society. Our homes are filled with Walmart junk which we buy habitually in order to fill up our emptiness.

My Advent preparation starts now because that's how much time I'll need. When our Infant King comes to visit this household, he will find that we have done our best to prepare a simple and beautiful welcome. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Posted on September 18, 2013 and filed under "Advent", "homemaking", "stuff".