WIWS: Pillow Cases and Spit-Up Cloths

Thanks to the sweet ladies at Fine Linen and Purple, I now have more photographs of myself in the last couple of months than I have from all previous 17 years of marriage. Is this a good thing? I can't help think that my traditionally strong aversion to cameras is far healthier than this current preoccupation with Catholic selfie memes. Or perhaps my former reluctance to be photographed demonstrated a greater degree of pride than purposefully posting my mug on the internet week after week. If humility is forgetting about yourself, then I might be moving in a positive direction. As I said to Cookie just last week: Just get your hand away from your face and smile. Or perhaps I'm overthinking this. That remains to be seen. In the meantime, it's been fun.

What I wore to the Saturday Vigil Mass...
Posed and photographed by the young Professor.

Dress: So. Thrifted from Goodwill. $2.50. My husband says it reminds him of pillowcases he once had as a boy. Compliment? I think not.
Sweater: The Limited. Thrifted from Goodwill. $2.00
Shoes: Same old Jeep wedges. 

Getting to Mass was a scramble. My hair was still wet from my shower even after Mass was over and I was not at my best while trying to get everyone into the car on time. ("Not at my best" is code language Mommy Meltdown.) The kids, on the other hand, were well-behaved at Mass which made up for them doing everything possible to try to make us late.

What I wore for a lazy Sunday with family...

Resting happily while other people occupy my children while wearing dumpy clothes. These are my spit up clothes. If I put on clothes, peaches spits up all over them. I do a full load of her personal laundry daily. I do not bother getting fancy for the spit-up fests.

What Professor wore Sunday morning(and the reason we attended Mass on Saturday evening)...

First time serving the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at a Byzantine church.
I would have loved to attend this liturgy but had never been inside the church before and was not feeling adventurous with the baby. The fact that my husband remembered to take a photo was wonderful.

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