Can I Get an Amen?

If we're not annoying someone, we're not Catholic enough.

I don't mean to poke a sore spot but we Catholics are often rather lame evangelizers. I know, I know... if we were supposed to be obnoxious to others, we'd be called Evangelicals and say things like "Praise God!"  out loud and wave our arms around during prayers. But we're Catholic. We're dignified Christians. Can I get an Amen? No? Of course not. That would be a little out of character.

I've been questioning this common but pathetic approach more and more recently. It all started with the silly idea that maybe God is actually calling us to be obnoxious for the sake of Truth and Life. In fact, I've been quite afflicted with the thought that perhaps my silent faith has been more offensive to God than my small outward expressions of faith have been to people.

We've got to learn to speak the language of love and allow spontaneous affection for the things of God guide our speech. How many times did we say "OMG" today? And how many times did we say "Praise God" today? If we are truly living the faith then it will flow into our speech... we will give thanks out loud far more often than we curse. We will be known as Christians and our bad habits of gossip and disrespect will die away as we replace them with the good and beautiful.

I'll never forget the first time I asked someone to pray for me and the person stopped in mid-motion, laid hands on my head and started to pray. I was thinking, "I didn't mean right NOW" and yet, why not this moment? What about this moment is too soon, too inappropriate, too awkward, too public, or too busy to give God everything, including our outward expressions?

I wouldn't call myself a charismatic, nor am I a traditionalist. I'm a Jesus lover. I don't fit with any specific label except for Catholic... and I cherish it. You say po-tay-to, I say pot-ah-to... but we should all be speaking the same faith language loud and clear. Enough to get noticed and spread the Gospel message to the world... and yes, that will annoy some people and shake up our lives. Praise God! Can I get an Amen?
Posted on October 1, 2013 and filed under "evangelization", "faith".