Five Favorite Links This Week

Jesse Tree Ornament Swap.
I missed this last year because I was sick with pregnancy so I was bound and determined to make sure I found a way to do it this year. I put my appeal out on Facebook and within hours we had a swap going. Thanks for organizing this, Karen! I think there are spots left... check out Karen's Adventures in Mommyland for details. I've got Daniel so Cookie and I are working out our plans for a lion. Or rather, thirty lions. If she gets enough interest, she'll add the O Antiphons as well which would make it thirty-five lions. roar.

Catholic Fitness Inspiration.
I need some. And she has it. Stephanie is a Crossfit mama who has figured out how to stay fit at home. Did I mention that she just had a baby?  Yes, yes... go follow the link... I'll still be here when you get back.

Teenage Bloggers.
I don't remember how I stumbled upon this young woman's blog but I'm sure glad I did. I do feel a little badly for my kids though... "Why can't you be  more like that girl? Look... she has a clean room and is working soooo hard at her academics. And look at how sweetly she photographs umbrellas! Why don't you photograph umbrellas like that?" This is bad news for them.

Go visit Aspirer... she really is lovely.

Pro-Life Project for Kids.
It's Respect Life Month and the subject of abortion can be tough to introduce to children... but so important. There's a lot of talk about when and how to introduce the subject and Jennifer at Catholic Inspired recently came up with a very unique and beautiful way to approach it with young children. In my household, we are pretty frank with the littles but exclude details that might be too distressing (aside from the very distressing basics that people do kill unborn children). This project is a great way to work some gentleness into the horrific reality. Some people choose to shield their kiddos from this subject entirely, but if you do any pro-life work at all, it will come up. Be ready.

SAT Test Prep.
If you're a homeschooling parent, this one should give you a fit of anxiety. You're welcome.
Actually, it's kind of cool. A blank template of the form used for the SAT essay. It took me a little while to find one so I thought I'd save you the trouble by sharing this link to Better Lesson.

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