Huggie Saint Dolls: Catholic Toys to Cuddle {Coupon Code!}

Remember when I told you that I was working on The Great Stuff Purge and trying to only bring in the lovely? Well, I'm on the warpath with victory after victory under my belt. Twelve garbage bags and 6 boxes out, out, out... and some beautiful and purposeful items in. The latest great find for the kids is the line of Huggie Saint Dolls. I first found these adorable dolls on Etsy and immediately contacted their designer, Penny, to find out more about her work. A short time later, I greeted my very own St. Therese doll on my doorstep (thank you, Penny!) and let me tell you...

...THE Catholic 'pillow pet'. Absolutely adorable. 

See the little patch on her bum? Penny added that as a symbol of Therese's vow of poverty.

A few more things I love about these huggable saints...

Handmade.  Handmade anything is excellent. Catholic handmade anything is even better. Owning the work of someone's hands means that you are probably holding a little piece of their heart and soul. Owning the work of a Catholic's hands probably means they prayed a rosary with those same hands. It also means that your purchase contributes to small family business. 

Huggable. These sweeties are about 14" high and 9" wide... real arm fillers! Kiddos are tactile learners and I hope that my children will learn to love the faith through every sense. Breathe Catholic! And anyway, who would not love to hug Pope Francis. Seriously, just look at this face...

Okay...he's not yet a saint but he's still adorable.
Hug. Hug. Hug. Hug. Hug. Hug. Hug...

Workmanship. Penny is a very talented woman and has clearly poured her heart and talents into these dolls. The details are so charming. As someone who enjoys and has some experience sewing, I know that she takes time with these dolls... and then takes extra time to add special and unique touches. No two dolls are identical... the sweet hallmark of handmade. 

The Cross is a symbol of Therese's love of the Cross and the roses symbolize the shower of roses she promised to send after her death.
Faith-Centered. I love Jesus and His Church and I wear my heart on my sleeve... and walls... and wherever I need a reminder of the joy and hope of my heavenly family. Bring. it. on. I cannot wait to hug a few saints in heaven. Huggie Saint Dolls in my house? Yes!

Affordable. Penny said this was one of her goals and she nailed it. Handmade takes a lot of time... these dolls are worth every dollar and more.

Penny originally created her first doll for her grandchildren to play with when she couldn't find any soft and huggable saints in her price range. She made her own pattern and her first Huggie Saint Doll. Her grandchildren loved them, took them everywhere, and their friends starting asking about them... the rest is history. In Penny's own words...

"I have always felt the most important job I could ever have was raising my children well, to give back to God. When I became a Catholic, the saints became wonderful role models.

I started designing with one of my favorites, St. Therese. I experimented with different shapes and styles, thinking of something like a "Pillow Pet" that kids could cuddle. Perfect for play or bedtime. And I wanted something affordable. 

My favorite? It seems that as I am putting together a doll, I fall in love with it! so my favorite would be the one I'm working on at the time. I design my own patterns, pick out the symbols for each one, etc. Hope you love them as much as I do!"

*Coupon Code*

Penny's prices are already extremely fair but for just this week, she is giving my readers a 10% off coupon code for orders placed by this Friday, October 11th, 2013.

When you purchase a doll listed in Penny's shop, use code HUG10 for your discount. Not valid on custom orders.

One more thing...

If you purchase any item from Huggie Saint Dolls before Thanksgiving, drop me a line here in the comments or via email and I'll add your name to my Surprise Giveaway hopper. After Thanksgiving, I'll draw a name and the winner will receive a fun package from ME. I say "surprise" because I don't know what will be in it yet... but I promise you'll love it... just in time for Advent. 

This is my Huggie St. Therese doll when she first arrived on my doorstep. She was sweetly packaged with a bow. Inside the package was a card with a description of the life of St. Therese and a short prayer.

Can I keep her?

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