Mashed Potato Soup. My favorite easy meal.

See the snow? I intended to write this post almost a year ago. Half of my plans never make it here.
Before I start this post, I have to give a disclaimer: I don't eat this anymore. It's a splurge food for me. I would eat this instead of dessert and be so happy. This is probably one of my top 3 favorite foods to consume. By sharing it with all of you who have happy stomachs and who can eat potatoes, I'm just going to live vicariously through your delight. Let us commence...

This soup started out many years ago as a delicious but complicated recipe, that required the boiling and blending of various things. I burnt out a blender before I found the easy way to make massive quantities without too much trouble. The evolved version is not for the person who needs exact measurements when cooking, but I promise that it is super easy. If you can make mashed potatoes, you can do this. This recipe ends up a little different for me every time but is always delicious.


Mashed potatoes. Make them however you make them and don't skimp on the butter or flavors or whatever you use. These can be leftover or freshly made. The first time I made this was with a bowl of leftovers that were just screaming to be made into something lovelier.

Chicken broth. Any similar liquid would do. You could use veggie or beef or whatever you like. In the original recipe, Celery and onions were boiled with broth and blended thoroughly. It's messy and an extra step but would probably open this up to some incredibly tasty and healthy options. I have used homemade bone broth for this and it was wonderful.

Sour cream. I prefer the sour cream but use whatever I have on hand. I've used whole milk and heavy cream before and everything still turned out nicely.

Extra boiled potato chunks if you like pieces parts in your soup.
Cheddar cheese shredded on top.
Green onions to garnish.
Bacon, crumbled in the soup or garnishing.
Whatever else your little heart desires.


1) Put all of your mashed potatoes in a pot over medium/low heat. The pot should be larger than the potatoes since you are going to add to them.

2) Add the broth to the potatoes until you reach the desired consistency. The potatoes soak up the liquid pretty well... I always end up adding more than I think I will need. I like my soup nice and thick so I am careful to add slowly. I can't tell you how much to add because I can't see your potatoes and I don't know what thickness you prefer anyway. Hence, why I am intentionally vague.

3) Stir until thoroughly combined.

4) Add the sour cream until you reach your desired creaminess. (Again, sorry for the vague directions.) You will have to stir each spoonful in for a while as it takes a couple minutes for the sour cream to warm and start to blend with the potato mixture. The color starts to lighten and the texture becomes smoother. I love the pretty white swirls as the sour cream starts to heat. Keep tasting until you love it.

5) Heat through on low to medium heat, being careful not to let the soup scald to the bottom of the pot.

6) Garnish and serve. That's it!

I like to divide this soup into large canning jars for storage and sharing. That way it is easy to transport for giving or for lunches on the go and can also be heated in the jar (lid off, of course). The soup does thicken quite a bit when it is cold but heat will return it to it's delightfully creamy state.

Since this was about as vague as a recipe can be, please feel free to drop questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

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