Social Media Silence on October 15th... In Solidarity With the Unborn

I'll make this brief and simple so that we can get it done. If I'm confusing or missed something, drop me a line and I'll fix it. The more cohesive we are, the more effective the message. If you use any social media, this is for you...

On October 15th, 2013 (next Tuesday) people all over the world will be participating in the Pro-Life Silent Day of Solidarity. You've surely seen them in years past... recognizable by the red tape over the mouth (or on the arm) with the word LIFE written in black. 

You can read all about the how-to and why-to on the Silent Day website. Please consider challenging yourself and loved ones to participate. When I talked about doing it this year with my family, I ran into obstacles; namely, that I'm not actually going anywhere that day. My primary work will be in the home.

 But I will also be here on the computer doing what I do.
And on Facebook.
And I can be silent while still speaking volumes.... which is the point.

We are called to be a voice for the voiceless, and next Tuesday, we will stand up and shout with our very lives that our smallest brothers and sisters are being slaughtered. Their voices silenced. Their bodies violated and thrown in the trash. And we stand with them and for them.


To Bloggers...
Some of you post as a hobby and some of you earn your living doing this. On October 15th, I invite you to post once and tell the world why you are silent. This is easy:

1. PHOTO. Get busy with red tape and a Sharpie and then take a photo of yourself. You can also use a photo from the website but it would be best if it were YOU. Make it personal. You're not posting about someone else's idea but about the conviction that YOU are living.

2. FLYER. Get a screen shot of the flyers that you would hand out if you were witnessing on the street: Why I Am Silent... or type it out...

3. LINK. Include a link either to this post or to (or both) so that people know how to participate. In fact, spread the word as far and wide as you can over the next few days before Tuesday. Can you imagine the internet covered in our images of solidarity? That could be very powerful. Let's do it.

4. POST IT. It should look something my screen shot below (although you'll probably look a little older and not as cute in your photo.)

What your blog post should look like: Red tape pic, "Why I Am Silent," and a link to more information.
And no,  I did not force him to stick tape on his face... he actually asked if he could put it on.

5. DON'T STOP with your blog. Social media is a powerful vehicle...

FACEBOOK: Use your red tape photo and make it your Facebook profile shot on October 15th and post an explanation of why you are silent. And then do it... be silent.

TWITTER: "I am silent today..." or whatever... with links and hashtags.

PINTEREST: Post your photo. If enough people do this, Pinterest users will start to notice.

WHATEVER ELSE IT IS THAT YOU DO: We all have a different state in life and you know best how to work this in. If you absolutely can't limit your work to one post, then do what you do and spend the rest of the time telling the world that Social Justice Begins in the Womb... and that children are being slaughtered under the protection of the law. I'm not the red tape nazi and I'm not going to judge you because you didn't do what I'm doing. Do what you do and do it well.

6. SHARE. All over the place. Share your pic. Share and LIKE others' pics. Flood the internet with red tape... somebody will start to notice.

Let our silence be heard all over the world!

Please share this post in whatever circles you travel. If teenagers can do this in their public schools (and they do... now that's courage!) then we can do it. Let us pray for holy boldness for our families and the whole world. 

Update and Clarification:

I have received some criticism for supporting this action on the same day as the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I actually promoted that beautiful day on this blog last year and observed it in memory of the child who died in my womb, whom I birthed and held in my hands, and whom I buried. I also offered many prayers that day for the families and children affected by the scourge of abortion. It has not occurred to me that either of these two days would compete, undermine, or disrespect the integrity of the other. In fact, I find that they are complimentary.

When I stand up for the unborn, I am hoping to spare mothers the pain of loss... of allowing their child to be brutally torn from their womb. By being a public witness against abortion, I hope to prevent that kind of tragedy.

I do not look upon "Pro-Life" as a cause, but rather as living out my Christian faith. There are many parts to the body of Christ we call Church. Some fight on the front lines and others stay with the wounded... we may not completely understand each other, but we all belong. 

If red tape is not your thing, then no biggie. Do what you do. For life, love, and the greater glory of God. That's all He asks.

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