A Problem, A Blessing, A Giveaway

I have a problem. My kids will not go to sleep at a reasonable time. We added these fantastic dormer bedrooms onto our homes thinking that this would solve all of our kiddo sleeping space issues. Boys in one, girls in the other. Did it work? Nope. Let me think about how I should describe this problem to you... okay, I've got it... Slumber Party. Every Day. I was an only child for the first 15 years of my life so I have honestly just expected this excitement to die down. Wrong, wrong, double wrong. My home is perpetual motion and sound.

But today, I'm going to look at the glass as half full and tell you one particularly awesome thing about dormers, then I'll let you in on a little of the fun with a giveaway. Ready for the awesomeness? My kids stay up until all hours of the night (and morning) listening to beautiful music. I hate it and I love it. One minute I'm going "Give me that blasted sound device" and the next, I'm lying in my own bed in a state of bliss, breathing in the sounds of beauty, of prayer, of the deep tradition of the Church. My experience of a purely happy moment is lying in Little Cub's bed with his sweet head resting on my shoulder, darkness surrounding, and the sounds of the beautiful music echoing all around us.

I recently lent the boys a brand new CD and asked them to listen to it and give me their opinion. Friar Alessandro's Voice of Joy has become a fast favorite of the boys' room at night. When I said that I would be reclaiming the CD, Crash (the almost 12-year old) asked for his own copy for Christmas. I can do that! In fact, I am thinking of giving it earlier than Christmas... because a dormer echoing with the sounds of the golden voice of Friar Alessandro is far superior to the midnight noises of mischievous munchkins. I love my munchkins and most of their sounds, dear reader, but it's all about context.

Here's a taste of joy for you...

Franciscan Friar Alessandro is the first friar to land a record deal with a major label. Since he has taken a vow of poverty, his earnings assist the work of his order, the Friars Minor of Umbria.

More from the Amazon description:
Friar Alessandro has recorded an album of Christmas Carols and sacred arias, or as he describes it, an album of Joy. 

Since his first album was released in 2012, Alessandro has captured the hearts of people around the world with his beautiful voice and this album will now fill those hearts with Joy.

When recording Voice From Assisi, his first album, Alessandro had never been on a plane before. Since then he has now been on 18 flights, throughout Europe. For this album he traveled even further, to Bethlehem to record two of the tracks his first visit to the Holy Land. Alessandro performed Adeste Fideles (Oh Come Let Us Adore Him) in the place where Jesus was born and he performed in the Shepherds Field where the Angel appeared to the Shepherds to tell them of the birth of Jesus. 

He could not believe he was there it was magical, and the magic is captured in this new album. 

Also featured on two of the tracks is the official chorus of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Buenos Aires Coro Regina Coeli. They are the official choir to Pope Francis, when he was Archbishop in Argentina. They perform on Alto E Glorioso Dio with Alessandro, a beautiful prayer written by St. Francis. 

Voice of Joy is an album of beautiful music, a beautiful voice from a wonderful man, a celebration of Christmas - an album of Joy.


To enter:
I'm going to make this so, so simple in the spirit of Franciscan joy. 
Just leave a comment. 
Anything you want to say. 
I'll choose randomly.
That's all. 

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*Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on Friday, November 29th
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