Elf on the Shelf Alternative: Wisemen Adventures

Nothing against elves... I just think that I would have been really creeped out by the Elf on the Shelf stuff when I was a child. The thought of this little creature (however kind and cheerful) running around at night checking up on me would likely have disturbed me to distraction. I once had a baby doll that had pretty green shiny eyes and I would throw it under the bed at night to avoid that creepy stare. Similar principle.

The idea behind the Elf on the Shelf is fun though and I think Jennifer at Catholic Inspired is brilliant for finding a way to make Christ the center of this kind of game with her Wisemen Adventures.  The difference? The Elf's purpose is to scout out the naughty and nice for Santa by creeping around your house. And of course, Santa needs to know this because of the gifts he wishes to bring to good children. The three kings are searching for the Christ Child and detour through your house for that purpose. The former is stuff and child-centered. The latter is Christ-centered. I am very much looking forward to the hilarity that will ensue once we've got our magi on the move! Check out Jennifer's post for a thorough description of the adventures and to see some of her photos from last year.

Jennifer uses the Playmobil wise men which are perfect since they have movable parts, but I'm sure any little magi would do.

We won't fool our littles into believing that these little toys move themselves. There really is no need to do that in order to have tons of fun. My kids have great imaginations and love to pretend so this will be right up their alley. Jennifer will be hosting a link-up on her blog and we'll be there! Join us?

How Playmobil Wisemen are Organizing My Advent
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