Christmas Prep: Pretty Clothes for teens, Wise Guys, and SAT taking

Advent is so lovely and busy with this and that and yummy things and funny things. I'm just going to keep randomly dumping some of our adventures and treats here until the big day. 

Pretty Clothes...

All of you with teenage girls know that finding beautiful appropriate clothing for them is tough. We have a winner for Christmas this year though and I'm very grateful to the Catholic homeschooling mom who posted the link a couple months ago. Cookie and I took a leap and ordered this dress for her and we both love it. The fabric is a nice weight for Winter with a lovely drape. The red was my favorite but she needs black to sing for their schola presentations. Fortunately, the piping on the black dress is red and works perfectly for the holidays. We also bought the crinoline for underneath. It was well worth the price and I don't think I'd buy the dress without it. The final look is retro but definitely contemporary enough for a teen. Highly recommended! Now we just need a shrug or sweater. Recommendations welcome!

Wise Guys on the Move...

 Day 6
It would have been so much better had I added sharks or something, but I was trying to get this done before the kids woke up. ..

Day 5
Toilet Paper climbing

SAT Test Taking...

Professor took the SAT today and that's not really Christmas prep... but wouldn't it be the best Christmas gift for him to find out that he rocked it the first time and never needed to take it again?? He has a great attitude about it but is prone to grumble about the crooked test-taking industry that is geared towards producing cogs instead of truly educated people. Who does this kid think he is? A homeschooler? Reminds me of the kid in ">this TED talk. I'm thinking that I want to "hackschool" for Jesus!

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