Christmas Shopping for Catholic Kids: 7 Quick Takes

There are so many beautiful Catholic gifts for littles out there but I'm going to focus right now on items which were crafted by Catholic artists. Most of these are not mass produced (with three worthy exceptions) and have rapidly approaching shipping cut off dates for Christmas. I know many Etsy sellers start to decline Christmas orders soon... make sure you get yours in! Two are available from Amazon and if you purchase through my links, I will be grateful for the few affiliate pennies. :)

(Heads up to all Amazon affiliate bloggers... make sure you are NOT purchasing through your own links when you shop at Amazon, even using another household account from the same address. It is against their rules and can jeopardize your good standing with them.)

A Catholic Mom who sews adorable Catholic dolls and more!

Little Cub with his Father Martin doll

Beautiful toys made by Catholic mom and iconographer.

Keys to Mass

Felt Mass Play Set

Designed by a Catholic woman in response to JPII's call for a new evangelization!


Created by a Catholic grandma who loves the saints!

Saint Anne Studio
Catholic mother creating beautiful faith-centered toys
My review here.

Magnetic Catholic
Fabric designed to be cut and stuffed and sewn for quiet Mass play
Designed by a Catholic woman and printed by Spoonflower.
(I have not done this yet but I am eager to get to work!)

Beautiful Books
We always have a "book box" as one of our kids three Christmas gifts.
This is one of our favorites...

The Miracle of Christmas
Many authors can be considered "small businesses" although the world doesn't tend to view them that way. Books must be mass produced but the time and attention that must go into one volume is definitely "handmade" work. I don't know anything about this author but the story is captivating. This is a beautiful narrative about the blossoming of new joy from the seedlings of persecution. A simpler Christmas focused on the heart, Jesus Christ.

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