Five Favorite Gifts for Kids

If you're looking for any last minute ideas for young people in your life, I've got a few to share today. The trouble with posting gift ideas during Advent is that some people might see what they're getting, so I'm just posting past successful gifts ideas or ones intended for non-blog readers. I'll include the age of the child for whom these are intended (or have already been given) under each title. Enjoy!

(Intended for 3-year old)

Whoever came up with this toy pocket knife is brilliant. They also must have small boys who, for whatever reason, cannot get enough of small tools of any kind. This looks just like the real version of a Swiss Army knife but is larger and not particularly dangerous. I predict that our 3-year old is going to be sleeping with his after Christmas.

(Intended for 9-year old)

A Special Occasion Fashion design set for your budding fashionista or mini me seamstress. Most design sets are a little on the worldly side, but this one is just full of pink and pretty. It comes complete with a little dress form for tiny creations. So sweet! Thank you to Michele Quigley for sharing this gem with me! Seedling also has a similar fashion designer kit that looks very nice.

(Intended for 3-year old for a lifetime of use!)

This beautiful set from Made by Alejandro is even more gorgeous in person. If you are in a position to splurge (or have someone who will splurge for you!) than I highly recommend it. Alejandro also sells lots of individual pieces for male and female adventurers.

(All ages of Playmobil lovers)

Because if you like Playmobil, you're sure to want a bishop!! All my kids love this set.

(Teenage daughter who loves jewelry making)

I've posted about 1-Step Looper tool before but have to include it once again. Great gadget for anyone who likes to make rosaries or jewelry. If you have a daughter, this might be a wonderful gift with some jewelry findings or rosary parts. Basically, instead of trying to make perfect little wire loops with your jewelry pliers and brilliant fine motor skills, you just squeeze this thing.It feels like cheating but it's rather nice.

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