Inching Along: Small Successes

My small successes for the first week of Advent...


I am at my mothering best when I am simply nursing a baby. Once I step away, my path is full of pitfalls... but give me a sweet as candy baby to nourish and cuddle and I'm almost perfect.

Advent in My Domestic Church

The Wise Men have been on the move every day and our Jesse Tree is growing. I can't say that I'm awesome and amazing with all of it but it is getting done and the kids are learning and having a good time. 

 I had nowhere to hang our Jesse Tree ornaments so I improvised and came up with solutions:
Paper Ornaments: I traced the kids hands on brown construction paper and had Crash cut them out and arrange them on a poster board to make a tree. They are now pasting the paper ornaments onto it every day.
Swap Ornaments: This was tough because I had nowhere to hang them and no inclination to purchase a ready made Jesse Tree tree. So I had Crash go outside and find a tree branch that fits along the bottom shelf of our hutch (the doors are off while we finish the kitchen) and we are now hanging the ornaments from it.

Calming Childhood Fears

The Shadow of the Doooobie...

I'm cheating a bit here because this success was months ago. But I'm grasping today. Some of my first thoughts upon waking this morning were what a screw up I am... so forgive me the time stretch...

One of the songs that my kids picked up over the years is the "Doobie" song. The one that goes "Have you ever seen a doobie go this way and that way? Have you ever seen a doobie go this way and that?This way and that way and this way and that way. Have you ever seen a doobie go this way and that?" It's a completely innocent song but somewhere along the line it started to make Little Cub nervous...

"What IS a doobie, Mommy?"
I don't really know, son.

And so time went on and the legend of the doobie began to grow until he would see a spooky thing (like a dark room) and remark in a low tone:
"The shadow of the dooobie..."

It was actually pretty hilarious but the thing grew in his mind to a point of distraction and this lighthearted little children's song became a thing to be feared. One day, we were traveling along the road and Little Cub spotted something creepy (I think it was a sign with a ghost or skeleton on it or something) and he asked:

"Mommy, is that a doobie?"
(The unwise kids in the back of the car started chuckling and chanting "The shadow of the doooobie...")
I sighed and assured him that the ugly thing was not a doobie.
"But Mommy... what IS a doobie."

I looked up at that moment and saw the promotional red windsock guy pictured in the photo above. It was rather windy and the thing was definitely going "this way and that way" and so I pointed and said...

"THAT is a doobie."

Now the boy loves "doobies" and laughs when he sees them. Sweet victory.

Joining up with Small Successes Thursday at CatholicMom. What are your small successes today?

Posted on December 5, 2013 .