"Most" Posts of 2013

Sarah is hosting an end of year link up where bloggers get to showcase some of our "Most" posts. I cheated slightly by including more than one (close seconds) in a couple categories. And I added two bonus categories just for fun. The only rules for the link-up are that the posts should be from your own blog, and they should be from 2013...

Post with the most clicks

(This is kind of a cheater because it was a giveaway with comments as entries. But I honestly am a low comment blog so these numbers stroke my ego.)

Post with the best picture

(The kid in the biretta. Maybe not technically "the best" but I like it.)

Post that was the hardest to write
(A story of my physical healing through dietary change. Hard to write because I could have easily written a book length version. Brevity is not a strength of mine.)

Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers' favorite- your favorite
(My favorite not because it was great writing but because it somewhat recounts the grace-driven renewal that our family has experienced from walking away from the culture of youth sports)

(My second favorite because it apparently helped a few homeschoolers to keep on keepin' on. That's one of the things that keeps me blogging!)

***Bonus... I added two more categories just for fun...

Most Under-Appreciated Post (IMHO)
(Because it's important!)

Most Fun to Write

Post With the Fewest Clicks
(Incidentally, all of my pro-life posts have abysmally low clicks. It has been that way since I began blogging. If you want lots of clicks, don't blog about pro-life stuff. On the other hand, I recommend it. It will keep you humble and focused on rightly ordered things.)

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