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Found this one on Pinterest. It is disturbingly accurate. Sunday mornings are generally a little rough at our house. If mama is off her game, the whole family has trouble keeping itself together and we end up late. And these days, I pretty much have no game plan of which to speak. A few weeks ago, one our fully dressed kids took off all of her Mass clothes and went back to bed while the rest of us were tearing around trying to get out the door. She was discovered minutes before we were due to walk out the door and she was not in a mood to join us. That was a Sunday we still refer to as "That Sunday." This week was not nearly so stressful, but it was a little tight... So, we drove two cars to Mass (at staggered times) and had to push the Wise Men Adventures to the evening. No big deal.

Sunday also brought a surprise blessing at Mass. For the first time since the birth of my little Peaches (almost 5 months ago), she slept all the way through Mass. It was awkward actually... I'm used to a crying, spitting up, or otherwise fussy baby occupying my time. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. What's that I hear? The Gospel? The homily? The consecration? And a bonus bonus: she didn't scream on the way to Mass or on the way home. A day of little miracles.

It is a blessing that my boys are scheduled to serve Sunday Masses during Advent. I snuck this shot of them before the liturgy and was reminded how much Crash has been growing recently. Almost 12 years old now. This pic was taken before they put on the special lace surplices they love to use. Camo at home, lace at the altar. Crash also did some digging in the sacristy and uncovered communion patens that probably haven't been used since the 1960's. The boys used them Sunday to the delight of many parishioners. I was actually surprised by how many people expressed their enthusiasm since I assumed it would largely go unnoticed.


This is me. Or Bat Girl with a little added color. I haven't linked with WIWS at Fine Linen and Purple in a while so Cookie and I held a 45 second photo shoot. Swing dresses and leggings are my favorite style ever (right up there with blue jeans and hoodies) and the fashion kings and queens have finally brought them back. I can officially forgive them for bringing back all the horrid stuff from the 80's.
I have been struggling with my nursing wardrobe and this style is actually a real problem solver for me. The knit material makes it like wearing a giant luxurious t-shirt and the generous amount of fabric combined with the leggings makes it possible to nurse modestly in a dress

Swing Dress: ASOS 
Leggings: I don't know.
Long Boots: Aerosoles
Coat: Athleta

I thought about removing my coat so that my dress was actually visible but I decided that I was just cold and went inside, ignoring the directions of the camera girl. Welcome to Cleveland's endless Winter... where all WIWS shots will be taken with coats on.


You can see the top of the dress above a little bit but the real reason I took the photo was to show you my post-partum hair loss and mommy comb over. I have been trying to hide it but I'm starting to think it's all going to fall out. Does this happen to everyone post-partum???


We ended up doing our first Wise Men Adventure at around 11pm after the family got back from volleyball and had some dinner (yes, our schedule is a little wacky). It was dark outside but when the back light was switched on, the littles were treated to this sight...

My kids are loving this and couldn't wait to find out where the wise men would be in the morning. 
Will they walk around by themselves? No. Someone will help them. How do know? 

Getting back to Sunday morning... it also happened to be the time when I remembered that we didn't actually own an Advent wreath. Details, details. Anyway, the chief took me to the craft store on Sunday afternoon and I pieced together a wreath for under $10 which was my goal...

We retrieved the magi from the cold snow (one of the littles was very concerned about them being out there for so long) and placed them with our Advent wreath. This is where we gathered for our evening Advent prayers and also the starting point for their next adventure.

The candle was lighted in a darkened room and the Chief led prayers as usual. The room was so pretty and peaceful that he extended prayerful silence for much longer than usual. Little Cub sat in his lap and tried hard to look prayerful. After a little while, Cub whispered loudly...

Daddy, are prayers over?
No, son, we're just praying in silence. It's very calm and peaceful right now.
*extended silence*
Daddy, are we still praying?

It doesn't take much to inspire joy and wonder in little ones. I love Advent. It does end up being somewhat of a harried race at times but if it came easy, there would be less profit from the beautiful moments. Busy can be beautiful if it is rightly ordered.


One more thing: I have already admitted that I forgot the Advent wreath, but I now realize that I have forgotten something else... something on which to hang our Jesse Tree ornaments. It's too late to make a purchase. Can anyone recommend a nice DIY option?

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