Surprised by Christmas {7QT}

There were many Christmas surprises this year, not least of which was my new Ninja blender from my very attentive husband. But I'll whittle it down to seven for our purposes here and choose them based on the very few photos that I managed to capture this Christmas. I'm determined to ease my picture guilt by making the most of what I've got...

Surprised by Mass

This photo says it all. It's 12:30am... Why are we at church? And why am I awake? Why are you up there while I'm down here? Why are we in the hallway?

And I asked: Why are you awake? Why didn't you just keep sleeping through Midnight Mass? Why am I bouncing around the church halls in heels at 1:00am?

Professor giving last minute instructions to the servers.
I thought that after the boys finished with their pre-Mass preparations, she'd fall asleep and I'd be able to sit in the pew with our family...

Or not. Here we are just hanging out in the hallway for about an hour and a half.

Surprised by Clothes

(no photo for this one, thank heaven)

I had a massive wardrobe malfunction at church. All I can say is that I'm grateful I'm not bold enough to nurse during Mass instead of in a meeting room because I could not have shown my face at church again. Fortunately, the only ones who saw me were two homeschooled girls who, if they told anyone, probably only told their mother who probably told no one else. Probably... right? 

Lesson learned: always check to see if baby has a grip on the hem of your dress before you stand up and walk down the hallway. *cough*

Surprised by Christmas Morning

Mass at Midnight.
Arrived home around 2am.
Kids tucked away around 3am.
Wrapping presents, cleaning up and keeping the fire burning until dawn.
I closed my eyes for 30 seconds and... was awakened by small human alarm clocks.
Merry Christmas!

Surprised by Presents

Nothing surprised me more than waking up on Christmas morning to find that my very bright and articulate 3-year old had no clue there were going to be presents for him under the tree. I guess we did a good job of de-emphasizing presents but it isn't as if we never talked about it. I even had him wrapping for other people... but he apparently just didn't realize there would be anything under there for himself! And just in case you're wondering, he had no trouble at all figuring it all out. He is now a certified Christmas materialist. 

But it clearly took a lot out of him...

We found him sleeping underneath a table in the middle of a holiday visit.

Surprised by the Passage of Time

What can I say? I'm stunned. My life is passing before me at warp speed. Except when I'm standing in the hallway holding a baby during Midnight Mass. Then it goes sloooowly.

Are we finding shoes already? I've been here so many times before and yet it is also like the very first time. Every moment is precious and unique and miraculous... and fleeting.

 Surprised by Beauty

Is this young lady really my Baby #2? Not possible! Beautiful inside and out. I just love this girl. Peaches clearly loves her, too...

Surprised by Darkness

So I really did intend to get a family picture at church this year but I waited too long... and Father shut the lights off. Bummer. At least I got these three together. 

Maybe we can get a family shot on Easter. Because I can't imagine when we'll all have our hair brushed and shoes matching at the same time again before then.

Joining up with Jen (who is unfortunately too sick to party with all of us) for 7 Quick Takes.
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