Wise Men Adventures: Getting Lazy & Bringing Candy

I've been cheating a wee bit. See, I have found that if I think about where I'm going to hide the wise men while I'm in bed at night, I can get up earlier than the kids and get it done. I was only caught once when Jellybean got up earlier than everyone else to get tissues for her stuffy nose. We return the wise men to their special drawer every night so that they can "rest" and when she couldn't find them anywhere else, she found them still, uh, resting.

Mommy, you forgot.... the wise men are still in the drawer. 
No, no, honey. I didn't forget. I'm giving them extra time to sleep. They really need it today, just like mommy does. Go back to bed, dear.

Day 7
The wise men wandered into our corner cabinet and needed assistance getting out. I didn't think Little Cub would be able to see them from his height but he managed to find them anyway.

Day 8
Sunday! The second week of Advent begins... time for an extra treat! 
These little candy cane and candy bar sleighs were a huge hit with the troops. A few of us had to stay home from Mass because of illness so this sweetened up the day a bit.

Little Cub was so excited about the candy that he asked me if it was Christmas Day. When I explained (again) the progression of Advent, he told me he wanted to see "the map." He meant the liturgical calendar we found on day 3.  I thought that was a pretty cool way of describing it... our Catholic "map"!

Wise Men Adventures Recap:

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