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"Just now there is a tendency to forget that the school is only a preparation for the home, and not the home a mere jumping off place for the school." ~ G.K. Chesterton

Read the full quote at Amongst Lovely Things

Good Reads:

Just as I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of items coming through my internet feed, this article from Memoria Press was delivered by my mailman. I'm ranking this the best of the best of the week. Simply outstanding and worth taking to discernment and prayer.

Matt Walsh generally hits his topics out of the park. I'm pretty sure if I made this list every week, he'd be on it in some fashion. But I particularly loved this, in light of the upcoming anniversary of Roe. v Wade and the ongoing fiasco that is Obamacare.

Click on the link to read the full statement by Bishop Peter Christensen. (And say a prayer for this bold shepherd.)

We should not be worried about what we will lose if we share our faith, we should be concerned with what we will lose if we do NOT share our faith. Beautiful account of what God can do with our tiny yes.

 Pinterest finds of the week:

Because it hits a little close to home...

Because I haven't eaten any kind of pasta in almost 2 years and recently discovered that not only is spaghetti squash harmless, but that most things taste awesome covered with sauce, meat and cheese...

Recipe here at SkinnyTaste

Added to my wish list:

I'm just putting this out there in case anyone has a couple hundred extra dollars to burn and wishes to bless a stir crazy homeschooling mama of seven. I've linked it nicely for you and everything. 

What will you get in return for your generosity? A public video of me bouncing on the thing. Wouldn't the laugh be worth it??

Definitely could have used these for the past two weeks...
Stick them on your little one to keep track of fever. Seems rather nicer than other methods for babies.

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