How to Change the World and Love All the Babies...

Our teens have been so privileged to work with Bryan Kemper on behalf of the unborn. This guy has been so blessed with passion and love for all people and has inspired my teens to do more, love more, be more for Christ. He is the youth outreach director at Priests for Life, founder of Rock for Life, runs Stand True Pro-Life Outreach and his conversion story is a powerful testimony to grace. Here is a very brief summary of what it means to be unwanted by man and learn you are cherished by God. Hearing his full testimony enlarged my heart and encouraged me to do whatever I can to raise pro-life children. Please support his work. He spends every single day praying and standing on behalf of the unborn. If you have any extra funds right now, I know he can use it.

One more thing... Bryan is also very creative and talented and has some excellent pro-life gear for sale in the StandTrue store. And... he designed a special t-shirt just for our youth organization which has the kids very excited. Professor is sending the artwork to the printer tomorrow and I will be offering them on this blog to raise funds for our pro-life work here in Cleveland. Our region has the highest abortion numbers in the state... and all profits will go toward providing these kids with ways of working within the community to stop the killing.
Posted on January 15, 2014 and filed under "pro-life".