If You Leave Your Coat on at Mass...

What I wore Sunday...

A Winter coat, boots, and a scarf. Oh, and one of my favorite swing dresses with big pockets; but I could have worn my pj's underneath and nobody would be the wiser. This is a humble pie moment. I used to be critical of others who wore their coats and scarves all the way through Mass. If you go to someone's house for dinner, don't you politely take your coat off?? Hmmmmm???? You guys look like you're ready to bolt out the door as soon as Mass is over... take your coat off and stay a while, people!

Now I know the truth. People are just cold. I just never understood because I was never cold enough. And now I am, perhaps because I spend so much time in the frigid hallway with Peaches. I don't care if you wear your coat in my house if you're cold. And if I'm uncomfortably cold in church, I wear my coat. So, I've grown in this area. And if someone in my parish is thinking that I'm rude for wearing my coat at the Supper of the Lord... well it just serves me right, that's all.

This was the first time in several weeks that I bundled Peaches up for Mass. Thank you, God, for a healthy baby. It was a real pleasure to stand out in the hall with her. And I did get to stay for most of the homily.
Twelve year old Crash is officially tired of snow. "Why do we even live in Cleveland?" he repeatedly moans.  The sincerity and desperation that comes through in his voice alarms me. He's certainly going to be the one to move away to Florida when he comes of age. And I won't be able to visit him because I don't think I would survive the drive. Last time I drove to Florida, I was suffering from the combined effects of a new pregnancy, motion sickness, horridly hot tempts/humidity, and the flu. I have never fully recovered. Plus there are alligators and hurricanes there. I know people who travel to Florida regularly but a journey for me might require either a small miracle or heavy sedation. Or the love of my boy... if it came to that.
Oooh... those smiles melt my heart!

Hooded Wool Swing Coat: Etsy
Dress: Olive long sleeved swing dress with pockets from ASOS
Black tights
Boots: Aerosole
Scarf: who knows?
Headband: Lilla Rose. My current favorite hair accessory. The pics don't quite capture the pretty beads.

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