UPDATED: Breaking Sabbatical to Ask for Your Help...

I'm supposed to be on sabbatical... but I need your help. This is the widest reaching platform that I have so I'm using it. You are also the most generous, loving group of people and I know you won't mind. :)

My very dear friend, Lena, has a great need right now and I am ASKING you to read her story and love her family with a commitment of prayer and maybe even a small gift. We are all in need in different ways, I know... but please read her story and pray about even a very small offering...

During the past year, Lena and her husband have been discerning a call to more faithfully serve the Lord by simplifying their lifestyle. Their prayer was simple and powerful. I am never as eloquent as Lena but here is my summary: We belong to You, Lord. Take us where You will. Do with us as You wish. Strip us down so that we may die to ourselves and live fully in You.

Little did they know that God would take them at their word and allow them to lose almost everything.

Before this week though, they thought they were already sacrificing much for a greater good. After much prayer, discernment, and direction, they decided to give up their suburban living and move to a much smaller, less comfortable home on farmland. Lena's husband would give up his job to work on a functioning farm and the family would participate and be blessed with more time together and a simplifying of their material distractions. They have spent a lot of time transitioning and have blessed me along the way with lovely photos of chickens and cows and adorable muddy children!

I spoke with Lena a couple days ago on the phone. She was busy but happy and chatted with me while sitting on the edge of a loaded trailer. They had ended their lease, quit her husband's previous employment, given away or sold a large portion of their possessions, and were cheerfully ready to move at the end of the month, come what may.

That same evening, they received a shocking phone call. Due to personal family division, the owners of the farm abruptly terminated the agreement that had been so carefully and happily crafted over many months... a week before they were scheduled to move.

That left Lena's beautiful big family of 8 homeless, jobless, and with very little in their bank account.

They currently have a place to live but are now faced with the challenge of providing the rent and other basic necessities.

I wouldn't put this appeal here if I didn't know this family to be truly needy and truly good and prayerful stewards of God's blessings. I know that any gift will be used with much prayer and gratitude.  I don't know if she wants me to do this. I didn't ask. But I love this family... and I know she'll forgive me.

Lena has asked for prayers for her family and also for another family which is divided and suffering. Read her request here.

The donate buttons are all over this post (just in case you miss one). Paypal is super easy and no account is necessary. And if you've never read Lena's blog, please head on over to Joyfilled Family and prepare yourself to be blessed.

Thank you and Thanks Be to God!

UPDATE May 24th:
On the day that Lena's family received this devastating news, they also found out the wonderful news that they were pregnant. They now believe that she is miscarrying. Please continue to pray as they suffer this loss. You can find her update on the Joyfilled Family blog. I will leave the donation buttons active here through the weekend.

UPDATE June 10th:
I have removed the donate buttons just to simplify things on my end. If you are interested in donating to Lena's family, please contact me and I will give you a link with which to do so. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and offerings. You have greatly blessed Lena and her husband and children. :)

UPDATE June 25th:
Thank you to everyone who has contributed prayers and gifts. Lena has some great news to share. Would you mind offering up a prayer for Lena's BABY? Praise God for the gift of life! Baby has a heartbeat. :) Lena's update is HERE.

Posted on May 22, 2014 .