A Beautiful Life? It Depends on the Angle.

The kids and I were looking over my recent blog post about our Lord of the Rings birthday bash... The girl said my post seemed dishonest. Our house doesn't really look like that. That picture you posted doesn't look like our house. It looks like the pretty houses that other people have. 

I looked and saw what she saw. It was the angle maybe. The way the boy stood next to the banister and the window. It looked pretty. Not exactly the way we are used to thinking about our dusty, in-progress domicile over the years. But I also saw the truth behind picture differently than she did. It was not photoshopped or altered. It was definitely our home. A slice of our life. An angle of beauty.

Sweetheart... We have a lovely home. It's not always clean. It's not always carpeted or repaired or decorated. But it is a great blessing. What you see in that photo isn't a lie -- it is a snapshot of that blessing. You haven't seen it that way before.

But maybe you just haven't looked.

There are number of reasons I continue blogging (a slight addiction among them). One of those reasons is that I repeatedly discover joy here as I put the microscope to our life and blessings. Even my sorrows tend to take on a rosy hue as I inspect them in light of God's great grace and mercy. Is it wrong to soften the rough edges? No. I don't think it is. In fact, it may be a big step closer to the truth.

Blogging our finest moments with our prettiest photos isn't a lie. It is focusing on sometimes obscured treasure. Like Pollyanna prisms. For example...

When my husband surveys our weedy lawn before mowing, he grimaces at the dandelions that multiply so rapidly. When my toddler sees those dandelions, she inspects closely and is fascinated at the marvelous details. She touches one of the thin bright petals and plucks it. Then she smells it. And tastes it. The second one she picks becomes a gift for me. She is delighted to share this pretty yellow treasure with someone she loves.

We miss beauty because we think like jaded adults. We fancy that we are supposed to focus on the broader picture and stand strong with our suffering love. We feel grown up when we furrow our brow and think it wise to make sure the kids know all about the trials and tribulations of life. But our narrow focus may just be keeping us from a whole world of wonder and joy.

The crosses come for everybody. But that is no reason to tone down Easter.

When I first started this blog, I had a different name for it. I changed it to Blossoming Joy when I began to see how God was drawing me into His mystery of joy through these pages. I know that my house is not in danger of being featured in a magazine anytime soon.

But it is a house of blessing. And I share what I treasure. And conversely, I learn to treasure what I share.

Thanks be to God.

Posted on September 3, 2014 and filed under Beauty.