On Hugging, Miscarriage, Selfies and Social Justice...

A few thoughts on a number of things. I would love your input, particularly on #1...

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This is a really fascinating article on hugging. I'm not a hugger and have been struggling for the past few years to step out of my comfort zone in order to be more... normal. The author suggests that hugging is a consent issue. I've never thought about it that way before but there is something that rings true in that idea for me. Read it here: Consent is Complicated

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Excerpt taken from an article by a funeral director:

Name the child.
Don’t let the child be nameless.  For both the child’s sake and for your own sake.  Name the child so that you can have a more defined grief process.
And even if the the child was miscarried years ago and you suffered in silent grief … it’s never too late.
Even if it’s just you and your spouse, or you and a close friend, have a small service where you remember and reflect on your hopes and dreams for a future that ended too soon.
Grief shared is grief diminished.  It’s time to share.
And it’s time we take miscarriages / stillbirths very seriously.

~ 3 ~

My firstborn passed his drivers license test this week. He received a perfect score. I didn't even know they allowed people to get a perfect score on that test. He returned home with his evaluation sheet and there was absolutely nothing on it. My deepest gratitude to the friend who lent her car for testing purposes and stayed to help make the most marvelous chocolate cherry cake. It was a lovely day.

~ 4 ~

Having spent months on end reading and rereading material on labor and childbirth for my doula studies, it seems that it would only be natural that... I would be able to apply a labor and birth analogy to pretty much everything. Everything. My biggest challenge is keeping it to myself. A peek into my brain...

"Monopoly is a lot like labor. Everyone starts off with smiles in anticipation of good things to come. Gradually, those smiles fade and faces take on looks of greater intensity as suffering and fear start to creep in. Finally, when it seems the end is near (and yet so far), panic sets in and it seems as if the pain is going to go on forever. Only one person is smiling and the others are making their bests efforts to relax and exercise virtue until the game has concluded."

It fails. I know. But this is my brain on birth.

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~ 6 ~

I've been trying to dig up a photo of myself that isn't blurry for a profile pic for various projects and have been coming up short. So after my first professional haircut since 2012 (yikes!), I pulled out the ipad and gave it the old college try. And ended up with a bunch of... blurry photos. I asked my daughter for her favorites and this was in the top three. Upon further examination, I noticed that my shoes were remarkably focused but my face was completely fuzzy and dark and required much image tinkering even to get it this clear. So... the teenager shows her preference for footwear over substance. (It's a joke, dear daughter - no need for the lovely eye rolling)


~ 7 ~

Lord, please save us from the manmade schema of "Social Justice" and just give us hearts of LOVE. 

The Lord promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church, He did not promise that our leadership at all levels wouldn't betray Him. Take a peek at the latest research from Michael Hichborn, and join in praying for the Church. 

"...the largest and most influential social justice organization in the Catholic Church is on the governing body of the World Social Forum."

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