Blossoming Notables {Famous Skirts, DIY Make-Up, GF Apple Cake}

Just a few things that amused, inspired, or cheered me this week...

DIY Make-Up 

I should have paid better attention in chemistry. My box of powders and potions arrived in the mail today and somehow, I'm supposed to use them to transform myself into gorgeous. A beauty alchemist. I'm going to DIY my make-up. 

It's a little odd. I'm the girl who didn't even know what foundation was until adulthood. And then didn't use it at all until I was about 35. And then only sparingly.

When I did start using make-up more regularly (because, truly, the face becomes a bit drab with age), my face would break out in itchy hives. So, for the same reason that I buy handmade soap and shampoo, I found myself purchasing hand crafted make-up from Etsy. 

Now I have no problem paying someone for their skill, time and products. But shelling out $20 for one ounce of anything is just painful. So I now have a box of things with which I will make something for my face. We'll see how that goes. I told my husband it would be much cheaper in the long run. The full truth is that it will only be less expensive if it actually works.

The Request for Green Pants

Button and I made the baby pajama pants. Perfect for pretending to bathe (see below). Little Cub is next and has requested green pajama pants. So green it will be.


My Famous Skirt Photo

I recently uncovered a photo from last year's Bringing America Back to Life Convention. It is significant because it is the only full length photo that I have of my "Famous" Skirt. I have never had so many compliments on any one piece of clothing in my life. I wore the skirt for two consecutive days with different shirts. I didn't count the first day but on the second day alone, I received no fewer than TWELVE compliments. 

I had remarks from old ladies, young mothers, hotel wait staff, elderly men, religious sisters and teenage girls. I do like my skirt. But I reached a point where if someone said, "Excuse me..." I blushed beet red because I knew a compliment was coming. I'm no fashionista. It was awkward.

I got the skirt on Etsy. I had been eyeing it for a year and finally went for it and it arrived on my doorstep all the way from Korea. I pulled it out of my cold weather seasonal box this week and wondered... should I wear it this year at all? Or should I just leave it in my closet and save myself some awkwardness. And what is it exactly about this skirt? My husband called it my oompa-loompa skirt. Not sure how I feel about that one.

Gluten Free Apple Cake

If you are not familiar with Danielle from Against All Grain, just drop what you are doing and go, go, go explore her website and then buy her book. The woman helps me not only survive being gluten and garbage free but also to LOVE it. Apple spice coffee cake recipe HERE. Make it with fresh-picked apples and the cake won't survive 12 hours. Which is why I don't have a photo of cake. Only of teens with pumpkins...

Must See Pro-Life Movie

I watched this movie for the first time two years ago and am so excited to see it finally accessible to the public. It is not long but very powerful. This is the movie co-produced by Justin Bieber's mom. That fact alone was enough to get MTV to post it on their website. Astonishing! Watch it. Pass it on.

The "It's-Not-Ebola" Pretzel Story

He was at the Ohio State football game with a hot pretzel in one hand and an ice cold Coke in the other, standing and eating on the concourse, out of the rain. 

He thought he'd hang out for just a little while where the wind and wet weren't so harsh. The pretzel was good and he'd just enjoy it quickly before going back to sit with the others.

But the pretzel got stuck. Too much bready goodness in the old esophagus and he was sweating and staggering around, looking for a place to throw up and relieve the agony.

The line to the bathroom was... typical. And so he went searching for garbage cans. Each one, strangely enough, was situated near a security guard. And all he could think was...

If I vomit in a crowded place, the guys in white hazmat suites are going to descend upon me before you can say EBOLA. 

So he stood there for another 10 minutes, willing himself not to vomit, with a freezing cold soda in one hand and a cold hot pretzel in the other. His will finally won out, the pretzel dislodged, and no one was the wiser.

When he came home and told me the story, we laughed until we cried... and I thanked God that neither pretzel nor CDC officials came between me and my guy today.

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