Blossoming Joy Giveaway {Because it's a good time for a party}

You guys... I have so much to celebrate that I just have to throw a little blog party. A gratitude party. Usually, my parties have something to do with kids (after all, I've got 7 of them). But today, I'm celebrating a couple sweet milestones of my own...

1... A new home for my blog. I really love my new space. Leaving blogger was a big leap for me (I was rather comfortable) but I grew into something prettier and more user friendly. There were a few minor glitches but they were drowned in the sea of digital happiness.
So this is my Blogwarming Party! 

2... I completed certification as a birth and bereavement doula. It's the very first step in a long-term journey and I'm really thrilled. Fighting abortion is an obvious part of public pro-life work. Walking the rest of the way with mothers in crisis is an essential companion. And entering the birth room to help a mother say goodbye to their baby? The way we handle that kind of birth is a good indicator of how pro-life we really are a culture. That is drawing me and I've begun the journey of entering in to that space. 

For now, God is calling me to meet the needs of my own family. But I am slowly preparing to help mother other mamas as needed. This first step was pretty awesome. And I definitely need to share with a Mama Pampering Party.

So yes... this is the Blogwarming-Mama-Pampering-Party. Pro-mama. Pro-joy. Pro-life. Pro-family. Pro-beautiful. I'm your happy hostess and all you have to do is enter is check out the Rafflecopter below. There will be three winners. I would tell you to go eat some ice cream and cake... but I would spoil all the Whole 30 fun. So go grab a kale smoothie and have a dance with the nearest loved one. And if you really want to let your hair down, please say an Ave for me... and I'll return the favor. :)

The Grand Prize winner will get all these...

1. Southern Peach Soap from Sole Sanctifier (Good stuff from a Catholic mama)
2. Embroidery Hoop Pendant (Spring Flower) from Jenna at Call Her Happy (proceeds from this purchase went to Katie for their adoption expenses. They are in China now picking up their daughter. Praise God!)
3. Thirty One Gifts Scarf
4. Rose Flexi-Clip from Lilla Rose (via the wonderful Catholic mama, Mandi Richards. You can read my review of these lovelies HERE.)
5. Eventide CD by Voces 8 (this group is so talented. Doing their part to revive beautiful music.)
6. Bergamot Scented Body Butter from For Goodness Soap (Sweet luxury made by a Catholic mama!)
7. A couple extras that I haven't added yet but will further pamper any mama.

Second Place Winner will receive:

1.  A 'Pro-Life Bear Tee' from Romantic Catholic Tees 
2. And extra little something

(It's junior fitted sizing so I'm giving away a size Large which is probably a mama size medium.)

Third Place Winner will receive: 


1. Catholic Menu Planner - 8.5" x 11" Spiral Bound (pictured on the left) by Michele Quigley
2. An extra little something

(Michele is the talent behind possibly the most beautiful Catholic planners in the universe.)

And to send you off on the most beautiful note (literally), here is Corpus Christi Carol by Voces 8...

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