My First Vlog... My Last Vlog.

I do not love vlogging... so this one will be my first and last. I prefer to read and write online and meet people in person. But since that is tough, considering that we are scattered across the globe, I bit the bullet and pressed the record button. My original thought with this was to put voice and face out there to better communicate my gratitude and joy in walking this journey with you. However... upon uploading the video and watching a preview... I realized that this is largely just a huge exercise in humility. So let me tell you what I did here...

I've watched a few vlogs and most are really boring and rather stilted. I thought I could handle the boring part rather well but the last thing I wanted to do was to sound like I was reading a script. I figured if I went totally off-the-cuff, it would probably be a bit scattered but at least it would be all me. So the following vlog is: 

- Totally boring.
- Totally unscripted (except for the word 'hello'). And I filmed about 2 minutes after I thought of it if that gives you any idea of the upcoming randomness.
- An accurate depiction of me shivering in the cold

I filmed it in the middle of a normal day with the barest make-up, an old hoodie, and chattering teeth. If it looks at times like I'm going to cry, it is not true. It is only that my face was starting to freeze in weird positions. My son says the first and last parts are the best but the middle is problematic. I wasn't sure quite how to take that. But... it's the real me. 

Now, it is very nice to meet you. Let's get this over with. And I promise that I will not do this again. You're welcome.

Posted on December 10, 2014 and filed under blogging, Miscellaneous.