Digging Deeper, Moving Forward

I'm so excited to welcome you to my new blog home! I admit that I do love moving to a new home, new jobs, new venues . When I settle into one way of living, I quickly fall in love and then just as quickly stub my toe against my limitations. New space, same old me! But I imagine that if I only had another new external beginning, then I'd also have hope of an internal change. Alas, the sparkle of the new inevitably wears off and I find that, although my surroundings may have changed, I still have not fundamentally changed.

But... I still love the feeling of new. Like a new set of sheets and a clean sink. Moving to a new home still fills me with excitement and hope. It is an opportunity to dig deep and find the better part of who I am. A moment of possibility and deeper conversion. I pray that I do not waste it.

I've only ever had one blog home and I held that space for over half a decade. I am ready to move on. Dig a little deeper. Do a little more. See if I can discover more about the God Who calls me to Himself. And to make myself more available to Him. 

When I went on my sabbatical earlier in the year, I asked Him to fill me and move me in His direction rather than mine. To bring me peace in my vocation. To follow His will in all things, even blogging. It was a beautiful period of spiritual rest and I anticipated that He would ask me to step away from blogging. 

It is fair to say that the opposite has happened. I returned with peace and with renewed purpose. (Read more HERE.)  And now I have a new blog home...

And I give it ALL to Him once again. What are new beginnings for if not for conversion? 

In spite of some details and kinks that are going to take months to work out, I'm opening the doors. I have missed your company and don't want to sacrifice that any longer. So I'm inviting you in and hope that we can continue to journey together in faithfulness and joy.

Make yourself at home. The (unfinished) categories are at the very top of the page above my banner. A few new links and surprises are scattered about. And I am going to be hosting a blogwarming party with a fun and beautiful giveaway soon. So add my new address to your feed... and WELCOME!

Posted on September 30, 2014 and filed under blogging, Spiritual Life.