A Little Something To Celebrate {Free Printable}

I announced the big news a few days ago but didn't dish on the details. So I'm back with those and also with a celebratory gift for my readers and email subscribers.

First off... I'm in my first trimester... currently caught in the grip of that horrible thing erroneously referred to as "morning sickness." It's always been significantly worse than that for me and I am happy to accept the many prayers that you have offered as I hug the couch and refrigerator in order to avoid also hugging the toilet bowl. Hopefully, it will pass quickly... and we'll be celebrating our first May family birthday before we know it!

This baby is my 9th. I have 8 living children (including the bambino in utero) and one precious soul in heaven. Our littlest one will be born just a couple months before my oldest leaves for college. It is quite the beautiful stretching that we will be experiencing around here!

On to the celebration...

One of the ways that I love to relax is by doodling with pens and color. It has been a very long time since I have indulged but I had the opportunity recently when my husband invited me to watch a movie with him. I'm not a patient movie watcher. I fidget. So I picked up my pen and paper and used that 90 minutes to draw a Spiritual Bouquet for my kids to fill in and color. Black pens and art markers... throw in some chocolate and I'm set for as long as everyone will leave me by myself. 

I ended up scanning, printing and coloring a page and filling it out for my blog readers. And then I decided... why not give away the printable coloring page as well? So the prayers are yours no matter what you do. Rosary. Holy Mass. Chaplet of Divine Mercy. And the coloring page (black and white) is exclusive to my readers who also subscribe to my email newsletter. 

I know... I know...  it seems like I'm trying to buy your love. But what I primarily hope to do is to give an extra big "Thank you" to those of you who have followed and supported me throughout the years. I have blossomed under your friendship, been supported with your prayers, and encouraged by the emails, comments, and personal outreach that you have offered. This is just a little way of loving you back. 

Click on the images for a better view... The middle lines are NOT on the printable image. I left it blank in the middle so that you could more easily customize for your needs - whether that be for a simple spiritual bouquet or a lengthier letter. Use a ruler for lines or place lined paper underneath to use as guidelines if you struggle with staying straight (like I do!). The page is black and white, ready to be colored.

Once you subscribe, you will receive a PDF link in your welcome email after confirming your subscription. Don't worry... you can always unsubscribe... but I sincerely hope you stay. :)

Posted on October 8, 2015 and filed under Family Life, Giveaway, Liturgical Year, pregnancy.