When activism is not a choice but a mandate. {And other things}

I've gone through various stages of feminism in my life, not all of them honoring life and love, but all of them passionate. There was never a time when I didn't think I was fighting for women, whether I was pro-choice or pro-life. The cold reality is that I was often passionate to win, passionate to have others adopt my worldview, and passionately interested in expressing my outrage. In other words, it was all about me. All ego. No love.

At a pro-life convention last week, I was reminded that activism which is oriented toward self will never grow beyond anger and will only ultimately result in violence. It is a good lesson for pro-lifers. It is a good lesson for anyone. 

You can read about my recent encounter with mainstream feminist activists here at The Guiding Star Project: Activism Breeds Violence When it Excludes Love

I want to thank Bryan Kemper of Stand True for his quick action in keeping the protesters out of the event and away from our families and peace-loving attendees. Truth be told, many pro-life people don't know how to handle the increasing aggression against them and his presence was invaluable. 

The culture is rapidly changing. It is going to cost our children a lot more to speak up than it has cost us. There will no longer be an option to stay silent -- they will cause outrage simply by being who they are. They will be de facto activists. Their lives will shout truth. What are we doing to prepare them?

What some call pro-life activism, others call living the Gospel message. It is past time to recognize that it is not a matter of being "called" to speak out... but that we are mandated to do it by Christ Himself. If we do not, we will not only lose the "culture wars", we will lose the battle for our own souls as well. If we are not courageous enough to speak Truth to the current culture, we will utterly abandon our convictions when we no longer have the protection of the law. 

Speak love and truth NOW. Speak it loudly and often. And Christ Himself with give you the courage to keep standing when the rest of the world demands violence against you.

Posted on March 16, 2015 and filed under culture, pro-life, Womanhood.