Bloggy Swag {t-shirts and a giveaway}

There are a few shirts left from the 2015 Catholic Women Blogging Network (CWBN) Ohio conference. Every conference attendee received one of these soft and pretty shirts designed by THE one and only Carolyn Svellinger of Svellerella. I might be tempted to buy them all if they were in my size. But there's a variety. So I'm giving my readers the opportunity to own one...

I'm selling the few that are left to cover the printing costs and hopefully have enough left over to donate to the Poor Clares who graciously hosted on on Friday evening (there's also a place to donate at the bottom of this post). And I'm giving one away... just because I want to share a little of the joy of last weekend with my readers.

These t-shirts are soft and in standard sizing (no need to size up to stay modest). We have a few sizes left but not many... so hurry if you want one. I've set up shop HERE. (Also accessible via the "Shop" button at the top of the website.) Click over to see if we still have one for you. 

Now for the giveaway. I'm giving away one MEDIUM size t-shirt.... and I wish that all of you could win....


Posted on May 29, 2015 and filed under blogging.