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After speaking at the Catholic Women Blogging Network (CWBN) conference in May, I received a number of requests for a recording of my talk. I tried to record it at the time but ended up with a blank file (clearly due to my amazing tech skills), so I rerecorded it in a rather hurried one-take in my 12-passenger van (the one truly quiet place in my life right now). It is slightly modified but essentially what I presented... and available in this post below and also on SoundCloud

Thank you to all those who were interested enough to ask! I've included some links below that were mentioned in the talk. You are also now able to purchase the bracelets (made by my daughter) that were given out at the conference. If you listen to the talk all the way through, you will understand the meaning... and perhaps you'll be inspired (by the Word of God, not by me) to use it in your own devotions. Profits from the bracelet sales go toward my daughter's doula studies. 


And if you've made it this far, you might appreciate the following links...


 1. Virtuous Leadership: An Agenda for Personal Excellence by Alexandre Havard  (Highly, highly recommended)
 2. Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity (not specifically mentioned in my talk but an excellent companion read by the same author)
3. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton 
4. Less Than a Minute to Go: The Secret to World Class Performance in Sport, Business and Everyday Life by Dr. Bill Thierfelder, who is President of Belmont Abbey College. All proceeds from the book go to support the college.


Getting beautiful with my 2015 word. Thank you to my daughter for using her mad skills to create something special for me, the attendees and... for you

Photo credit for the above pic goes to Colleen Kessler of Raising Lifelong Learners who tweeted it the day after the conference. The rest of the photos below were taken by my daughter.

If you'd like a bracelet, you can find them in the Blossoming Joy shop in adult and small sizes. My daughter will make one just for you and package it up pretty. She'll even make you a custom word bracelet if you select the "custom" option. All profits go toward her doula studies, which are coming along quite nicely. 

Thank you to all my readers and listeners for being so steadily wonderful. I owe some of you return emails and I will get to you... I haven't forgotten... I'm just making sure I have a little bite of time to reply as well as you deserve. God bless you all!

One more thing... the pic I mentioned in my talk. Here it is. Blogging greatness? I think not. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the recording above. :)

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