Little Drops of Water {Touchables for Catholic Kids}


One of the greatest pleasures of blogging is the opportunity to review beautiful Catholic products and to share them with you. I turn down most review opportunities but occasionally happily accept when the product is consistent with my blog purpose, blesses my family, and supports business that contribute to healthy culture. Little Drops of Water is a Catholic line that meets all the criteria. I am pleased to introduce them to you.

In 2014, a young lady named Anna founded Little Drops of Water in order to promote the faith and pass it on to all children. Her little brother was her inspiration and her father, her support. They took her dream and drawings and launched the new company.

I was fortunate enough to receive some of their items for review and, of course, my children whisked off the box as soon as it came...


I am particular about the religious art that my children are exposed to. I do not love the cartoon books that feature Jesus with googly eyes or caricatures of saints that border on the ridiculous. Children are attracted to beauty and do not need it dumbed down to appreciate it. Exposing kids to the beauty of the externals of our faith is one of the best tools of catechesis that we have.  Because of this, I was uncertain about these products at first because they did seem childish. But...

The conclusion that I came to is that there is that while these are simple and toylike, they are not ridiculous. They communicate the faith sweetly without distortion. And best of all... they are made to be played with. If you've ever been to my house, you will notice that it is a little lacking in the decor department. That's because we have 8 kids. If it can be broken, it probably will be; and when it breaks, we rarely replace it. So... I'm a big fan of "touchables."


We received the statues, magnets (St. Therese pictured above), charms, and pens. Not all items are intended for all ages, but common sense purchasing will please a number of ages in a family. For example, a two year old can certainly play with the resin statues and simple magnets, but I wouldn't recommend the tiny charms for anyone who still puts things in their mouths. 


Pairing items of saints would make a sweet name day or sacramental gift. Also... St. Nicholas Day shoe stuffers and Christmas stockings. They are small enough to fit and perfect for maintaining the purpose of the season. 


The pens light up, have glitter water, floating angels, and a cute angel dangle... all of which are impressive. But not nearly as impressive as my toddler's line scribbles. I mean, really... genius. 


The magnet selection includes 3 dimensional figures and flat images (pictured below). Ours are currently lined up in formation on our fridge and need to be rearranged by the resident magnet artist about once every few hours. 


I love the little saint charms. This little St. Christopher is heading out to my college aged son who is not named Christopher but who is doing quite a bit of traveling. Our other charms have found their way onto coat and bag zippers, pencil cases, and hair bands. 


St. Patrick is adorable. I may or may not have played with him after the kids went to bed. And then I definitely put St. Nicholas and Mother Teresa of Calcutta on my Christmas shopping list. 


You'll definitely want to check out the Little Drops of Water website and product selection for yourself and check them out on Facebook and Instagram! And stay tuned for a giveaway of their sweet products. As soon as I hit 1000 followers on Facebook, I'm going to send a box of all kinds of good stuff to one treasured reader.

Posted on September 25, 2016 and filed under Gifts, review.