Lenten Beauty {Santa Clara Design Print Shop Giveaway}

 Saints quote prints from  Santa Clara Design Print Shop

Saints quote prints from Santa Clara Design Print Shop

My plans for Lent this year are not complicated. Increase prayer and keep working hard. That's all. With a baby coming in 3 months and an ark-load of other obligations... it's really what I can do. And if that's all I can do? Well, that's not so bad. 

I often forget that prayer is not a means to achieve our earthly desires. The goal of prayer is Divine intimacy. If our desires are truly what they ought to be, there should be no conflict there... To be united with God in all things and at all times. 

That is the beauty of Lent... a return to the heart of things. Or more accurately, a return to the Sacred Heart of souls. That is my Lenten goal. And man, I need that renewal. How quickly I allow myself to continually put God into a functionary role in my life... Instead of as the source and goal of life itself!

I'm kicking off that immersion into Lenten focus with a giveaway of a beautiful set of elegant and inspirational quotes from Santa Clara Design. I have printed off my own copies from the digital set that Lauren sent me. Simple, beautiful reminders of Divine intimacy. Sacred silence

The set she's giving away here (pictured below) from her Santa Clara Etsy shop is printed on 5 x 7 heavy matte, bright white paper and printed with fade resistant archival print... SIX custom designed quotes for Lent perfect for home or work. 

A reminder of the simple purpose and design for our souls... Made for Love alone.

I love my set and will use them to decorate simply for the season. But I'm also thinking of printing off copies in black and white onto watercolor paper so that my children can add some borders or color to their own for their own spaces or school binders.

I have been following Lauren's work for years and always admire the way she applies her talents to give glory to God and the service of His people. I encourage you to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Visit her Etsy shop to browse the many beautiful paper and digital prints she sells there... And definitely enter the giveaway below for a chance to have a beautiful printed set delivered to your front door!

Posted on February 5, 2016 and filed under Faith, Liturgical Year, Spiritual Life, Giveaway, Lent.