Better Than Eden Birth Services {New York}

Serving the Western New York area, Better Than Eden Birth Services seeks to provide informational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support to families before, during, and after birth in order to foster a beautiful and dignified birth experience.  It is the belief of Better Than Eden Birth that every woman possesses the inherent ability to mother and that no matter the circumstances, she and her baby deserve a birth experience that is treated with respect and care.   

About Mary...

Mary Haseltine became a certified birth doula in 2011 and has since attended births in home and hospital, providing support for the entire family as they prepare to meet their baby.  She holds a degree in Theology and is passionate about applying the Theology of the Body to everyday life and bringing a culture of life into the pregnancy and birth experience.  Mary currently has five children on earth and one in heaven, bringing into her care personal experience in home and hospital birth, water birth, and miscarriage.  She is trained in a variety of natural pain management techniques and has experience with loss and stillbirth.  She seeks to ensure that every woman and baby be treated with love, compassion, dignity, and respect throughout the pregnancy and especially at the time of birth.  She believes that through the work of Christ, the birth experience has a remarkable capacity to be a vehicle of grace to the whole family.  


For more information on availability and rates for Better Than Eden Birth Services, you can email Mary at:

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Your Doula {Central Illinois}

You deserve a doula that supports you.  I want you to feel like you are my only client.
I grew up in Central Illinois and am committed to helping women find the support they need right here. 

About Marcia...

As a doula, I provide women and their husbands emotional, physical, and educational support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I encourage advocacy and work to collaborate with other birth professionals in the Central Illinois area. I've been supporting women in various stages of motherhood for many years and as a professional labor doula since 2004. I facilitate a Birth Circle once a month at the local breastfeeding resource center connected with the Catholic hospital. I also enjoy writing for Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner

I'm a Registered Dietitian (RD) and find a healthy lifestyle to be important. I've spent time in this community making connections with other providers of healthy mom and babies. I've supported parents in hospitals and at home births; mothers through vaginal births and cesarean sections. I am passionate about giving individual support to each woman on the journey to motherhood.


For more information about the Marcia's doula services, 
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St. Croix Birth & Parenting {Minnesota}

Christelle's mission is to help women plan their families and achieve their dreams of motherhood with integrity, give birth with dignity, and parent with joy.   

About Christelle...

Christelle J. K. Hagen, HCHD, ICI, SBD is a certified birth and bereavement doula, fertility and childbirth educator, certified Baby Signs instructor and student midwife.  She is the owner of St. Croix Birth & Parenting, offering "education, resources, and support from conception through parenting."

No matter what your plans are for achieving pregnancy, giving birth, or parenting, Christelle would love to be part of your journey to parenthood!  She is also specially trained to provide support for families who are facing or experiencing loss.

Christelle's journey into natural health began with learning and teaching Natural Family Planning (Couple to Couple League).  From NFP, her interests in natural birth and natural parenting grew and she became a childbirth educator (International Childbirth Education Association and Apple Tree Family Ministries).  She is a dual certified birth and bereavement doula (Hypnobabies and Stillbirthday) and is currently studying to become a midwife.  Christelle is the wife of Christopher and the mother of eleven, including six living children.  She is the Founder of Team Tiny Treasures, a group of volunteers who provide clothing, support, and resources to families facing or experiencing loss, and the Founder of the BELLA Network, a group of pro-life professionals serving families.


For more information about Christelle's doula services and ministries, 
visit her websites:

St. Croix Birth & Parenting 

Tiny Treasures

BELLA Network

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FiLumena Birth {Virginia}


Named after St. Philomena, FiLumena Birth serves the women in
the Shenandoah Valley of Virgina, the Panhandle of West Virgina and parts of the DC suburbs. 

FiLumena means “Daughter of Light.”  It is the philosophy of FiLumena Birth that every women who gives birth, in any trimester and in any circumstance, deserves to be treated with dignity and love. FiLumena Birth walks with women and their families as they journey towards birth, through labor and delivery and serves home, birth center, and hopsital birth clients.  


About Laura...

Laura Ricketts, SBD, PFA, started FiLumena Birth to serve women.  Laura attends many different kinds of births and draws from a wealth of resources and knowledge as she assists and advocates for women as they give birth in a variety of settings with various pain relief techniques, accupressure, and labor support.

Laura is also a Bereavement Doula.  A mother of 6 children in Eternity herself, Laura understands the unique and difficult circumsances that surround a bereavement birth and a birth with an unexpected outcome.  She is committed to serving mothers who are high risk, anticipating a NICU transfer, expecting a stillbirth or experiencing a first or second trimester loss, or who have received a fatal diagnosis for their preborn child.  Laura brings with her love and compassion and considers it an honor to serve bereaved families as they say hello and good bye to their babies. 


For more information about the various services FiLumena Birth provides,
you are invited to visit the website at:


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Visitation Birth Services {California}


Our purpose is to inform, empower, and support parents to joyfully embrace the miracle of life in all stages of pregnancy. We are committed to assisting families achieve the birth experience they desire and helping babies to be born gently and safely. We seek to work through God’s precious moment of sacrifice, bringing souls closer to Him.

Visitation Birth Services, founded by Lissa Flores, provides complete doula care and placenta preparation for expecting and new parents in San Joaquin, Sacramento, and Stanislaus counties.  Lissa has a passion to serve and is committed to helping families enjoy this blessed time in their lives. She created this apostolate as a response to His call.

About Lissa...

Lissa has always had a passion to serve, care for children, and empower others. She is the eldest of twelve; six living and a baby brother due in 2015. She has walked hand-in-hand with her mother through all her pregnancies, births, and postpartum recoveries. Her first encounter with birth was when she was eight years old and invited to assist at the homebirth of her baby sister. Her desire to help bring babies safely into the world grew from that point in time. Lissa went away for college and returned with a stronger conviction to pursue her call. Visitation Birth Services was founded.

Lissa is a Certified StillBirthDay (SBD) Doula.  She continues to develop her skills and acquire education to better serve families. She is an aspiring midwife and hopes to begin her formal midwifery education in 2015.

Lissa looks forward to caring for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs.


For more information about the Visitation doulas and services, 
visit their website at:

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