Visitation Birth Services {California}


Our purpose is to inform, empower, and support parents to joyfully embrace the miracle of life in all stages of pregnancy. We are committed to assisting families achieve the birth experience they desire and helping babies to be born gently and safely. We seek to work through God’s precious moment of sacrifice, bringing souls closer to Him.

Visitation Birth Services, founded by Lissa Flores, provides complete doula care and placenta preparation for expecting and new parents in San Joaquin, Sacramento, and Stanislaus counties.  Lissa has a passion to serve and is committed to helping families enjoy this blessed time in their lives. She created this apostolate as a response to His call.

About Lissa...

Lissa has always had a passion to serve, care for children, and empower others. She is the eldest of twelve; six living and a baby brother due in 2015. She has walked hand-in-hand with her mother through all her pregnancies, births, and postpartum recoveries. Her first encounter with birth was when she was eight years old and invited to assist at the homebirth of her baby sister. Her desire to help bring babies safely into the world grew from that point in time. Lissa went away for college and returned with a stronger conviction to pursue her call. Visitation Birth Services was founded.

Lissa is a Certified StillBirthDay (SBD) Doula.  She continues to develop her skills and acquire education to better serve families. She is an aspiring midwife and hopes to begin her formal midwifery education in 2015.

Lissa looks forward to caring for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs.


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