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Christelle's mission is to help women plan their families and achieve their dreams of motherhood with integrity, give birth with dignity, and parent with joy.   

About Christelle...

Christelle J. K. Hagen, HCHD, ICI, SBD is a certified birth and bereavement doula, fertility and childbirth educator, certified Baby Signs instructor and student midwife.  She is the owner of St. Croix Birth & Parenting, offering "education, resources, and support from conception through parenting."

No matter what your plans are for achieving pregnancy, giving birth, or parenting, Christelle would love to be part of your journey to parenthood!  She is also specially trained to provide support for families who are facing or experiencing loss.

Christelle's journey into natural health began with learning and teaching Natural Family Planning (Couple to Couple League).  From NFP, her interests in natural birth and natural parenting grew and she became a childbirth educator (International Childbirth Education Association and Apple Tree Family Ministries).  She is a dual certified birth and bereavement doula (Hypnobabies and Stillbirthday) and is currently studying to become a midwife.  Christelle is the wife of Christopher and the mother of eleven, including six living children.  She is the Founder of Team Tiny Treasures, a group of volunteers who provide clothing, support, and resources to families facing or experiencing loss, and the Founder of the BELLA Network, a group of pro-life professionals serving families.


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Tiny Treasures

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