Better Than Eden Birth Services {New York}

Serving the Western New York area, Better Than Eden Birth Services seeks to provide informational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support to families before, during, and after birth in order to foster a beautiful and dignified birth experience.  It is the belief of Better Than Eden Birth that every woman possesses the inherent ability to mother and that no matter the circumstances, she and her baby deserve a birth experience that is treated with respect and care.   

About Mary...

Mary Haseltine became a certified birth doula in 2011 and has since attended births in home and hospital, providing support for the entire family as they prepare to meet their baby.  She holds a degree in Theology and is passionate about applying the Theology of the Body to everyday life and bringing a culture of life into the pregnancy and birth experience.  Mary currently has five children on earth and one in heaven, bringing into her care personal experience in home and hospital birth, water birth, and miscarriage.  She is trained in a variety of natural pain management techniques and has experience with loss and stillbirth.  She seeks to ensure that every woman and baby be treated with love, compassion, dignity, and respect throughout the pregnancy and especially at the time of birth.  She believes that through the work of Christ, the birth experience has a remarkable capacity to be a vehicle of grace to the whole family.  


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