I Need Help Enrolling! 

No problem. If you would like me to enroll you, I would be happy to do it for you. Please contact me HERE.
If you would like to easily enroll yourself... Here are directions for doing so from the "Let's Get Started" button above...

  •  Click on the orange “Let’s Get Started” button above to access the secure site
  •  Look over the details and perks one more time
  •  Select "Join doTERRA"
  •  Select language and country
  •  Select “Wholesale Prices”
  •  Add your contact/shipping info
  •  Select your kit (OR, if you do not want a kit, choose the $35 “Introductory Packet”, then select which individual oils you’d like
  • Input shipping method and billing information
  • Click “Process Order Now”

Is a monthly order required to keep my wholesale account?

No. Your wholesale account is yours with no strings attached. 
However, if you do plan on ordering regularly, make sure to join the Loyalty Rewards program! It is not required but rewards monthly purchases with free oils. I did not expect to use this program at the beginning but have found it to be a real blessings. 

Is there any pressure to sell oils to keep my account?

No. In fact, it was never my intention to do so and I was very happy with my wholesale account. My passion for restoring my own health, sharing that freedom with others, and the possibility of paying for my oils prompted me to look further. But I never felt pressured to do so. 

Do I have to buy a kit to enroll?

No. You can purchase whatever you like along with the annual fee. Most people do end up choosing the kits because they are a great deal and include the yearly fee. But it is certainly not required.

Can I enroll with you if I already have an account with doTERRA?

No, you can't. You have already been enrolled under someone else. But we can still exchange ideas and keep learning together!

Do you have additional questions? ASK ME!

Can you recommend a good resource for an overview of essential oils, their benefits, and uses?

Yes! The book Modern Essentials is a great go-to for all of that information. I use it constantly. It is available on for purchase HERE. Or you can purchase it directly from me for $25 including shipping. 

How do I wash roller bottles?

Cleaning Used Roller Bottles:

Use the hottest water available and some soap or detergent. Let them soak for a few minutes. Use a small bottle cleaning brush to clean the insides, especially if you need to remove sediment. In tiny bottles you can use a Q-tip or tooth pick to remove stubborn remnants.

Rinse with more hot water and turn upside down to drain on clean paper towels.

You are not done yet though, as you still could have a little bit of essential oil residue left inside your bottles or droppers.

The last thing to do is to rinse everything with alcohol. We don’t recommend rubbing or denatured alcohol as they have too much water content and other impurities in them. You can use a high “proof” cheap vodka. It is virtually odorless and has no impurities.

The alcohol dissolves and helps remove any residual essential or carrier oils that might be in your bottles and droppers.

Using alcohol as the final rinse will help your glassware to dry quickly, enabling you to be able to store them away for your next blending session.

Do not try to clean anything that is made of plastic as essential oils quickly permeate this and make it nearly impossible to remove scents.

A word of warning: Do not put any beaker or glassware, or stainless steel bowl that has essential oils in them in your dishwasher. The small amount of essential oils could potentially damage your dishwasher. Wash all your supplies in a sink with hot soapy water. Rinse and dry. Sorry but you don’t want to ruin your dishwasher.

Where should I store essential oils?

If you are blending essential oils with just plain distilled water for a room or linen spray you need to keep this refrigerated and use within 2 weeks. Because there is no preservative present you risk the possibility that mold or other contaminates could grow.

Remember also that pure essential oils will disintegrate rubber and certain types of plastic materials. Never leave your bottles stopped with rubber bulb capped droppers. In just a few days the rubber will be a terrible blob of black goo!


Store your pure essential oil creations in glass bottles. Keep them away from heat. Ideally keep them in the refrigerator.

The color of the glass doesn’t matter as long as it has a tight cap and is kept away from heat. Light in itself will not deteriorate essential oils but the heat that is created especially by sunlight can increase the rate of oxidation of the essential oils and deteriorate them very quick.

Remember heat and oxygen will ruin your essential oils and blends. Do not leave the caps off your bottles – even while blending – keep them shut tight except when using them to add to your blend.

Do I need a preservative when blending?

That depends if there are water based components. If there are only oil based components then no preservative is needed and the shelf life is as long as the shortest shelf life ingredient in the blend. Water based products have a shelf life without a preservative of only about 2 weeks if kept at room temperature.

The bad news is that there are no really true natural preservatives. Vitamin E and Wheat Germ oil are NOT preservatives. Contrary to what you may have read or been told, they will go rancid very fast when stored at room temperature, in fact faster than some other carrier oils. So don’t rely on them as a preservative.

When you blend just essential oils together you do not need a preservative. You just need to keep the bottles tightly capped and away from heat sources.

When making recipes, do I need to have separate blender, coffee grinder, stainless steel pans, glass bowls etc than I use for my everyday?

You can just use your everyday equipment BUT before using for blending or making your lotions, creams etc. you should spray them with Vodka or other non flavored alcohol, let them dry naturally or use clean paper towels to wipe them dry.

Of course for us here we have our own set of beakers, bowls spoons, etc that we use just for blending but even though we run them through the dishwasher, we spray them with alcohol, dry them before we start measuring and blending.